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3 Steps to Prevent Common Football Injuries

3 Steps to Prevent Common Football Injuries

Whether it’s little league or the NFL, football injuries are not only common, they are practically expected in this high-contact sport. At Addison Sports Clinic, we are committed to getting our players back on the field as soon as possible, but we also want to give you some pointers to keep you out of the clinic and in the game.

  1. Stretch and Strength Train. Never underestimate the importance of warming up and cooling down before practice and games. While it can be easy to jump right into play without the proper pre-game stretch, it’s never worth risking injury to take a few extra minutes to stretch out tight muscles and hydrate to prevent cramping. Additionally, strength training will reduce your risk of injury by surrounding vulnerable tendons with muscle.
  2. Wear the Correct Equipment. In addition to wearing the standard helmet and pads, always be sure that your equipment fits properly and is inspected regularly to identify possible weak spots. While the jury is still out on how effective knee braces are at preventing ACL and MCL tears, it can never hurt to wear one for added protection.
  3. Listen to Your Body. While we all want to win, remember that winning a game at the expense of your health is never a good idea. If you experience a hard hit, a slam on the field, or get your shoulder or knee knocked out of place, sit out for the quarter and listen to your body. Swelling, pain, numbness and tingling are signs of a problem, and you should listen. Maybe your body is telling you “this may be serious” with continued numbness or loss of motion, and it’s time to get medical attention. You can’t “walk off” a real injury. If your long-term goals are to keep playing as long as possible, then you need to take action, rather than avoid treatment. Don’t keep playing on an injury, you will only make it worse.

When injury does occur, it is essential that you seek treatment as soon as possible to prevent further problems. Oftentimes, players shrug off joint pain or discomfort and compensate by taking pain medication. Getting early treatment is the best long-term solution. At Addison Sports Clinic, we offer state-of-the-art technology and treatment practices such as Cold Laser Therapy and Active Release Techniques to eliminate pain and swelling and increase functionality. These are non-invasive techniques that don’t require down-time or surgery.

Feel free to visit our facility in Kennesaw and schedule an appointment with our professional staff. At Addison Sports Clinic, we are dedicated to helping your reach your health and fitness goals.