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Sport: Soccer

Team: SSA Blue99 U17
Southern Wesleyan University, 
Warriors, SC

Position: Holding Midfield

Highest Level: D2


Ms. Kisiel is an upcoming soccer star.  After being invited to play with  SSA U19 Elite and helping lead them to victory over TSC 99 Elite, we had an opportunity to ask her a few questions.

How did you get started playing soccer?

I started playing in elementary school when my dad introduced me to soccer.


What memory stands out in your soccer career?

My best memory was when my team was tied with the other and in the last 30 seconds I scored a beautiful lofted shot to the upper 90. Winning the game for my team.

How often to do you train to stay at the top of your game?
At least four days a week with up to 2 games per weekend.


What keeps you motivated with such a busy schedule?
My love for the sport, the idea of playing in college, and my coach and team.


Have you ever suffered an injury that kept you from competing?
Yes and no. My knee problems didn’t keep me from competing but it did keep me from playing my best.


How has Dr. Addison helped you compete at the highest levels?
I used to get out of bed every morning with knee pain, but since I love soccer so much, I played thru the pain. Dr. Addison worked on me with ART (active release therapy) and I saw improvement quickly. He also introduced me to a running specialist who identified ways to correct my running. This combined with monthly ART sessions made me virtually pain free from my knees. I do notice if I don’t keep up with the stretches or haven’t seen Dr. Addison for a couple months, my knees start bothering me; but nothing like before.


What’s next for you?
My goals are to score at least 5 goals this season, play in college at hopefully D2 or D1 school, and eventually pass my love for the sport onto my kids.


Keep an eye out for Allison, we expect she’ll be playing for many years to come.  Best of luck to you!