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Have you ever had a sprained muscle that sent shocks through your body or a migraine that would just not go away? Has back pain taken a toll on your daily activities, preventing you from doing the things you love? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you have come to the right place! As one of Georgia’s leading chiropractors, due to his rare specializations, Dr. Jason Addison takes his practice to another level with introducing his patients to Atlanta ART chiropractic treatments, in addition to his chiropractic techniques.

Active Release Techniques, commonly known as ART, are used to treat deep tissue problems that are causing additional pain in your body. In the old days, when we got a sprain or strained a muscle area, we would just have to tough it up and ride it out. Now, with specialized training, practitioners, like your chiropractor – Dr. Jason Addison, can use special techniques to stretch and work on those problem areas. By doing this, he can not only help to release pain and tension that may be existing, but he can also help to improve and strengthen those areas to help prevent it from happening again. Not many chiropractors have extended their studies to this specialty, so you are in for a treat with the Addison Sports Clinic in Kennesaw, GA.

Active Release Treatments are commonly used to help rehabilitate an injured athlete back to optimal health so they can hit the field running in no time. Though this form of treatment is commonly used with athletic injuries, Dr. Jason Addison has found that several of his chiropractic patients have come in with similar immobility’s. With that being said, Dr. Jason Addison took interest in bringing his specialty to all patients to help to improve their overall health. When you come in for a visit to our Woodstock location, you are in for a real treat. Dr. Jason Addison not only takes the time to adjust your spine to help realign areas of need, he also takes the time to adjust additional problem areas like your knees, hip bones, elbows, shoulders, and even ankles. Re-aligning your body is step one to proper recovery, but it doesn’t just stop there. He then goes the extra mile to help stretch your muscles and get them back to normal functioning, since they are used to overworking due to being out of alignment. After your initial visit, you will leave feeling a million times better and with additional techniques to take home and practice to keep you going in the right direction.

At Addison Sports Clinic, Ga, Dr. Jason Addison truly takes the time needed to work with each individual patient to help them towards their goals. As one of the only Woodstock Chiropractors in town that specializes in ART, Dr. Jason Addison can help any patient improve their problem areas and strengthen clients back to their full potential. Visit us today at our Woodstock location to learn more about your body and how you can get back on the right track to looking and feeling better on a daily basis.

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