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SPORT Marathon Runner

I started running cross country in high school because I had some friends that ran and it was a great compliment to basketball. The only problem was I hated running, absolutely hated it. I ran two years in high school then quit my senior year. After high school I slowly started getting back into running, mainly to stay in shape for basketball. I started noticing I was beginning to run farther and faster, and I was actually enjoying it. I ran a couple 10k’s then I signed up for a half marathon, trained, and ran it. I told myself I would never run a full marathon, that is just crazy talk.

I started working at Big Peach Running Co. in 2010 and that is when I called myself a true runner. Learning everything about running, and being surrounded by runners gave me the inspiration to run more. I ran another half marathon then had this crazy idea of running a full marathon. So I signed up for the Chickamauga Marathon in 2011 and started training. I soon realized that marathon training takes its toll on the body. I started having a lot of calf and IT band issues so I decided to go see Dr. Jason Addison. After visiting ( Dr. Addison ) and learning a lot more about ART, I set up a regular schedule for ART through out my marathon training. I noticed I was running faster because my muscles were not as tight and I was also recovering faster after long, hard runs. After the long summer of training, I ran the marathon and loved it and I am planning on running more in the future.

Before I started doing ART I would run races just to finish and try to beat my previous time. Now I am actually competing with other runners, winning awards, and breaking my personal records. I contribute all that to smart training, a healthy diet, rest, and ART. Wether you are training for your first 5k or training for your tenth marathon, ART will help you stay injury-free and performing at your best.

I would also like to add a final thought for anyone who was like me and hated running. I realized you have to make it fun and cater to what you like. I hated having a coach tell me where to run, how far to run, and when to run. I also hated running on tracks and treadmills. I started running on trails and loved it. I also listen to music or will sometimes run with a group and talk to people to mix things up. My point is don’t give up, mix things up and find what works best for you. I think running is one of the healthiest activities you can do over a lifetime.
-Josh Rollins