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Reducing Back Pain for the Busy Bees

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Reducing Back Pain for the Busy Bees

Your spine is the foundation in which you body functions on a daily basis. Thousands of Americans live their lives day to day while trying to conquer back pain. Fortunately for you, it does not have to be this way every day. It is as simple as following a healthy diet, exercising, and seeing your professional Chiropractor for routine appointments.

At Addison Sports Clinic, our staff understands that not everyone can maintain a healthy diet due to a chaotic lifestyle. Lucky for you, it is very simple, even for the busy bees. By maintaining a healthy diet, you are doing two very important things for your body. You allow your body to get the nutrients needed to function properly and to heal itself and to help minimize inflammation throughout the body. Inflammation is what is causing your pain and it can be reduced by simply eating healthier. The very first step you need to take is to start drinking plenty of water. This is easy for anyone, regardless of personal schedules. Then incorporate protein in your diet so your body and muscles can rebuild themselves when needed. Last but not least, for the busy bees out there, if you cannot maintain eating healthy- due to always being on the go, simply supplement with a multivitamin and do routine cleanses.

Though hitting the gym is vital for optimal health, it is time consuming for those who have the never ending to-do list. To maintain a healthy back, you do not have to work out three days a week for two hours at a time. This concept is also very simple and can be done on a daily basis. For starters, try improving your posture by sitting up straight. Then you want to practice daily back stretches that you can easily incorporate into your routine. (At Advance Pain and Spine Center- Woodstock, GA, our professional chiropractors will go over these exercises for your and customize them according to your condition). Last, but not least, get up and move around every 30-45 minutes. It is not healthy for you or your back to sit for long periods of time. Moving around will help to stretch your back, get oxygen flowing, and raise your energy levels so you can get through the rest of your day.

The last step to reducing back pain is to visit your local chiropractor. Chiropractors specialize in working with bones and proper alignment. Back pain can be a result of many factors and if your bones are shifting out of place, you will need to see a professional to ensure it is done properly. Make your first visit with us at Addison Sports Clinic for a full consultation and our professional staff will set you up on a routine to help assist your condition(s).

Now that we have made it easy for you to take care of your spine daily, you no longer have to “deal” with back pain on a day to day basis. Going about your days should be easy and pain free. Dr. Jason Addison takes pride in working with each client and assisting their individual conditions. We will work together to make sure your goals are met and you are living a pain free life daily. Start today by contacting our Kennesaw location and see the difference.